Jennifer Hudson Vs Whitney Housten

Created by Septian Saputra


Now on, many people said that Jennifer Hudson will be the next diva in this world.

In the fact…

When the night of Grammy Awards, she sang ‘I Will Always Love You’ by Whitney.

And She made Whitney felt amazed.

That was not the first time for Jennifer to sing Whitney’s songs.

She ever sang ‘I Have Nothing’, ‘I Believe You And Me’ and others.

Some people said Jennifer will be the next Whitney, that has beautiful voice.

We can’t compare them, because Whitney is more well-known in the world than Jennifer.

But it will be possible for Jennifer to be the next diva.

Because she has gave the proof that though she’s not the winner of American Idol season 3.

But she’s one of the most popular singer from American idol with Kelly and Carrie.


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