Life Goals

Created by Septian Saputra


Everyone has goals in life. And has own the ways to achieve them. Many things that we really wanna get. But we’re still lazy doing that..  When we had the homework, our parents said’do your homework sonn’. But we only ignored it and sometimes we said ‘yaa.. Later.’ So off, we did it at school.

How could we can achieve our goals if we still have the laziness.

Start from now, we should be diligent. Not be lazy anymore to do somethings. If we have homework, directly do it, Do not do it at school!

Just an analogy..

We really want to be a teacher, but we’re lazy to study.. How could? We only wait till’ others help us to be that. We’ll be nothing.

If we have an ambition, we should do a simple things first to make it come true. Such as study hard at school, get many achievements, and always work hard.

If we have been smart enough, we can make strategy to choose the correct ways to make our dreams come true. And work hard again.

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