The Emotion Brings an Accident

In one of a beautiful place, there was a friendly girl named Layla. She lived happily with her parents.  One day, there was an accident that caused her parents died. So, she didn’t has anything, she only had the belongings from her parents.

“Mom.. Dad.. Why did you leave me? I don’t have the people who will care me anymore. I’m alone here!”said Layla.

When Layla cried and cried. From the distance, the couple of husband and wife came. They named Mr. Jhonny and Mrs. Maria. They told to Layla that they wanted to take care of her.

“Don’t cry! Don’t be sad! We promise, we’ll take care of you!”said Mrs. Maria

A few days have gone. They cared and love Layla. But they changed! Now, they often abused her, and asked her to do all of activities at home like a servant.

“Layla… Clean up the kitchen!”said Mr. Jhonny

“Layla… wash all of the clothes! Oh ya.. Don’t forget to sweep the floor, throw the rubbish, and clean up the feces of the horse!”said Mrs. Maria

“Yes.”answered Layla.

Layla couldn’t say anything. She only could be patient. One day Mr. Jhonny was angry with Layla, because when he wanted to wear his clothe, that clothe was still dirty.

“Layla… Look at this! Have you washed it? If you’ve already, why is this clothe still dirty?”asked Mr. Jhonny

“I’ve already washed it. I don’t know why this clothe is still dirty”said Layla

“If you are working, You must work well. Use your brain to think, Poolish!”said Mr. Jhonny.

At that time, Layla couldn’t stop her emotion, she directly took a knife and she wanted to kill Mr. Jhonny and Mrs. Maria.

“You eve r said that you wanna take care of me. But what’s the fact? You are so cruel. You always abuse me and do bad things to me. Now, this is the time for you to die!”said Layla

“No.. Layla.. I’m sorry, we promise we’ll be good people.”said Mr. Jhonny

Directly, she killed them by using a knife. Mr. Jhonny and Mrs. Maria have died. Layla regret for a thing that she did just now.

“What did I do? No……”Layla screamed

She couldn’t accept this condition, then she directly suicide and she has died. So, the left over was only bad memories between Layla, Mr. Jhonny and Mrs. Maria.

So, from this story we should control our emotion, because if we can’t do it, we’ll only get bad things later on.


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