The meaning of the quote that you made !

Created by Septian Saputra


Every quotes  that you made should have a meaning, why you made it? What for? Is there function?… Just like you always practice speaking in English. What’s the aim from that thing? Hopefully you can speak English well. So, you should put the messages in your quotes.

For example:

“A winner is not a perfect person. But a winner is the one who always dreams and works hard to make the dreams come true.”

This quote tells us about the real meaning of a winner.

In this world, many people often said that a winner was the one who had done perfect thing in the past.

That’s wrong.

So, from this quote we can learn that if we really want to be a winner in every single competition that we join, we should have the dreams, and find out the ways to make them come true. That’s a winner.


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