The Worst Halloween Party Ever

On 31st of October, in a big city, all people were celebrating Halloween party. There were two teenagers who were celebrating that party by asking the candies and saying ‘trick of treats’. But, they had an idea to celebrate this party by going to the ghost forest (the issue said that if the people go into that forest, they will be die).

But there was a girl named Olivia told her two friends to cancel their planning, because that forest was dangerous. But they just ignored her.

“You’re afraid, right? So that is why you don’t want to join.”said one of teenager

The next day, when they were in that forest, they saw a witch, so off they ran because they were afraid, suddenly they fell by chance . Then, that witch caught them directly

Olivia felt so bad at that time, so off she went to the forest to lookfor her friends. When she’s in the forest, she saw a small home. Then she entered that home.

“Knock.. Everybody’s home?”asked her

No one answered. So she directly open the door. When Olivia opened the door, she was surprised, because she saw her friends, but the witch knew it.

“What are you doing? You’re so brave. Do you wanna die? Ok. Let me kill you.”said the witch

“Don’t kill me…”said Olivia

“Olivia…Olivia… Hey the witch. Don’t kill our friend. I don’t want to forgive you if you do it”said her friends

The witch ignored them. Then the witch killed Olivia in front of her friends. Olivia’s friends cried loudly, they regrated and angry with the witch.

Olivia’s friends were so sad. Then the made a plan to be free from that place and they also want to kill that witch. They had an idea to mixed the poison into the ingredientsof the witch to lose the witch’s power. When the power of the witch lose, they killed that witch, and died.

“You don’t have power anymore. We hate you, you’ve kill our friend. Better for you to die. You must die!”said Olivia’s friend.

They were happy because they can be free., beside that they regrated their mistake, they ever ignored the suggestion from Olivia which is important.


So from this story we maynot ignore the suggestion from others, we should appreciate it, probably that suggestion is important and very usefull for us.


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