Music and Feminism – Do We Need Some New Anthems?


Katherine Miller

I used to fool myself that I would work on airplanes. What a great pocket of time to get things done, right? And I see lots of passengers with spread sheets, word documents, or (now) email open – these folks are clearly being productive.

I don’t think this anymore. Instead, I accept that for me a flight is a liminal space with time and place suspended. I allow myself to feel okay about listening to music and letting my mind drift. And sometimes my mind drifts to interesting ideas and I even feel like I’ve accomplished something by the end of the flight.

So that’s where I was a few days ago on a flight between Seattle and Phoenix. Ear buds in, playlist on shuffle. And my mind swirling around with thoughts of recent and upcoming writing about the role of feminism in women’s lives over the last half century…

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