The Love of Harry or #TheLoveOfHarry

Elizabeth Traub Consulting

I wrote about Harry Connick, JR last December. On the heels of having met him, it was very easy to write “When Harry Met Sally” (you can read that here).  Now that American Idol is in fully engaged in Season XIII, Harry has become the weekly topic of fans.  He is the newest judge addition and he speaks to his passions with honesty and integrity.  He has remained true to who he is in everyday life as a husband, dad and celebrity.  In the show, he speaks with a parenting heart, a heart that is often misunderstood. You can hear American Idol fans booing his responses to the contestants.

1618437_784987821528560_1079517351_n The Love of Harry

As a mother of several kids I ask myself: what, if my kid were on that stage, would I be thinking if Harry was judging them? Integrity is often lost in our society–especially in TV. …

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